3 Tips To Selling Your Washington DC Home Right.

Cedric Stewart
Published on October 26, 2016

3 Tips To Selling Your Washington DC Home Right.

Selling Your Washington DC Home  (Part 1)

While the home selling process is rightfully complex, there are a few basic principals that will help you save time, money, and minimize stress throughout the home selling process.
Here are the first 3 Tips To Selling Your Washington DC Home Right,  the First Time:

#1Tip To Selling Your Washington DC Home — Knock out the repairs before they knock off good buyers 

Some say “no man is without sin”. While we can’t speak to that, we do know that no home is with blemishes. This is a safe space, we can be honest with penalty. Okay, now for the truth- Homes are man-made. Therefore, they will require maintenance and repairs from time to time just like everything else we’ve created. With that in mind, we must understand that buyers may not know how much(or how little) it cost to make certain repairs. They see things and sometimes panic when faced with the possibility of fixing items in their future home because they don’t have the proper frame of reference, a list of handymen, etc. As an experienced homeowner, you can handle a “punch-out” list of minor repairs and position yourself as a sharp seller offering a well-kept home.

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#2 Tip To Selling Your Washington DC Home —Spend Smart- Upgrades that Buyers Want

Most people entering today’s market are familiar with HGTV and the litany of shows highlighting homebuyers experiences. These shows and the images contained within them have pervaded our culture in a rather influential manner. Buyers now expect homes to look and feel a certain way when they step inside. So, we know upgrades can equal higher values, but which upgrades are the right ones? This question signals a crucial moment in the process leading up to selling your home. The wrong appliances, tile, carpet/floors, and other expenditures can spell long days on the market, little demand for your home, and no offers. This is when a professional consultation becomes imperative. Would you travel through a foreign country without a plan, map, or guidance of some sort? NO. You wouldn’t because you could end up lost, stranded, or much worse, and the danger honestly isn’t worth the risk. Then why embark on the journey of upgrading and selling your home with that crucial guidance? With potentially HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars on the line, is it truly worth the risk?

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3 Tips to Selling Your Washington DC Home

3 Tips to Selling Your Washington DC Home

#3 Tip To Selling Your Washington DC Home — Spruced to me, New to you…

Making a home LOOK and FEEL NEW is a delicate art. Not many are willing to talk about it, but there are some tricks of the trade that can have your home looking “like new” again with minimal costs. Think of it like your selling a “pre-owned” home. Sounds lovely when a used car dealership presents it that way, doesn’t it? Well, if you work with the right real estate professional consultant, they can have your home on the market, smelling like new and ready for multiple offers! The strategy is a bit intricate and varies from home to home, but when done right it can bring a lot of buyers to your doorstep.

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3 Tips To Selling Your Washington DC Home Right.
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