NACA Decoded Tip #31

Cedric Stewart
Published on July 8, 2016

NACA Decoded Tip #31



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NACA Program Decoded Tip #31

NACA Program Decoded Tip #31

This is Cedric Stewart from the Entourage Residential Group at Keller Williams capital properties here with your NACA program decoded tip number 31.  Do not go to contract on a property before you get you an NACA program qualification letter. Well, Cedric they told me that I’m almost done. I just gotta go to the workshop and I get my counselor. This house that I love, can’t we just go see it right now? You can go see it, no problem, however, you will literally be able to take no further action until that Thursday night when you get that letter. People need to see some type of a qualification letter when you submit an offer to buy a home. Not only should you not submit a contract. You probably won’t be able to go under contract because any seller and sellers agent worth their salt won’t accept the deal with someone that they don’t know is officially qualified to purchase them. Alright, so I hope that makes sense bottom line is first a qualified get that letter in your hand, that says what your payment is and how much you can spend. Then get that house that you love literally the very next morning!

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NACA Decoded Tip #31
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