Screw the Obama’s! Let’s talk about Kalorama & YOU…

Cedric Stewart
Published on June 2, 2016

Screw the Obama’s! Let’s talk about Kalorama & YOU…


Screw the Obama’s! Let’s talk about Kalorama & YOU…

You Don’t need 8 years in office or a big budget to live in Kalorama. Check out these 3 sweet spots in this prestigious neighborhood

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Homes For Sale in Kalorama

Homes For Sale in Kalorama

Kalorama, It is not Just for Presidents!

Mass Ave in Kalorama Neighborhood Washington DC

Homes for Sale Kalorama

The talk around town this week was all about the Obamas moving to Kalorama when President Obama’s term is up in January.

He will not be the first president to call Kalorama home. In fact over the years, five presidents have lived in the neighborhood.  Woodrow Wilson built a house in 1921 at 2340 S Street NW and today it is a museum dedicated to him.  William H. Taft, Franklin D Roosevelt, Warren Harding, & Herbert Hoover also all lived in the neighborhood.

Located in Northwest Quadrant of Washington DC Kalorama is an upscale neighborhood with Metro Train access at both the Dupont Circle and Woodley Park metro stations. Dupont Circle and Woodley Park are well known for upscale restaurants, shops, and hotels.  They are also home to Rock Creek Park and the National Zoo.

Some critics blasted President Obama for moving to such an expensive part of town. The critics suggest that if he had chosen a “Transitional Area” to move into, the neighborhood they picked could benefit from the publicity and attract investment into the neighborhood. Yes I know Obama has been known to take a shot or two at the “1%” and his first move out of office will put him in the Kalorama Neighborhood that is occupied by the top 1% of the 1%, but I am sure there are a lot of factors that went into this decision just like there are a lot of factors that go into any families decision on where to live.

I can imagine that the 2 most important factors for a family moving are safety and proximity to schools. So the fact that it is only 2.5 miles from Sidwell Friends Schoolwhere Sasha Obama is going to finish high school, makes it a great choice.  As for safety, while according to spot crime there have been several thefts in the neighborhood, there were only two burglaries and zero murders from June of 2015 to June of 2016 making this one of the safest areas in Washington DC. Like any family looking for homes for sale in Kalorama, schools, safety, location and proximity to daily activities are always major factors to finding the right home for you. The bottom line is,  at the end of the day every family is going to decide where to live based on what is best for their circumstances and lifestyle,  NOT popular opinion.

Kalorama, Washington DC, Mitchell Park

Homes for Sale in Kalorama

While in Kalorama you might want to check out Mitchell Park. This small park is an amazing part of this wonderful neighborhood park. It includes a great playground, basketball court, and lush green space. On June 16 at 8:40 pm Mitchell Park will kick  off its summertime “Films in the Field” with a screening of “Mr. Roberts” and will host 3 more films throughout the summer.

Contrary to recent press, there are affordable homes for sale in Kalorama. Homes for sale in Kalorama are typically single family but you can also find condos and co-ops. You may be surprised to learn that in April 2016 the median sales price for the neighborhood was $376,500. In the chart below you can keep an eye on both the median and average sales prices of homes for sale in Kalorama.



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Screw the Obama’s! Let’s talk about Kalorama & YOU…
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