Grand Cata Latin Wine Shop- Small Business Spotlight

Cedric Stewart
Published on February 2, 2017

Grand Cata Latin Wine Shop- Small Business Spotlight

Grand Cata Latin Wine Shop Small Business Spotlight by Entourage RG


While there are a number of places in DC to grab a bottle of wine before heading out to that house-warming, dinner party, or book club meeting, one truly stands out from the crowd.

Opened in March 2016, the Grand Cata Latin Wine Shop is a vision brought to life by Julio R. Robledo (Co- Founder, President) and Pedro J. Rodriguez, (Co-Founder, CEO). Both of these established gentlemen moved to Washington, DC in 2007, however the concept began in 2011. Over the next 5 years they meticulously crafted what is now arguably one of the Best Wine Stores in DC. Visitors can be assured that they are buying quality wine from those with true knowledge, as both Julio and Pedro have received the advanced Wine and Spirits professional certification from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET).


Grand Cata Wine Club

These delightfully dedicated individuals personally tasted around 1600 different wines last year. To quote Keller Williams, that’s a “Career Worth Having”!

The result of their sampling is a robust collection of nearly 600 wines from various parts of the world, including Chile, Brazil, Italy, and California. The list goes on from there, but we don’t want you to spend your time reading a list of places the wine comes from when you could be making you way to the store in person! The selection of beverages they offer, while sumptuous, isn’t necessarily expensive. One of our DC Real Estate Consultants, Marc Lapointe and our team leader, Cedric Stewart, have visited the Grand Cata on more than one occasion and found extremely impressive selections starting as low as $13-16.

Marc lives within walking distance of the Grand Cata Latin Wine Shop, and loved the place so much that he decided to sign up for the monthly wine club. For $40 per month plus a $4 tax and no contract (month to month) you’ll have the pleasure of receiving two hand-selected bottles of wine. The focus is always on seasonal styles and “indigenous funky varietals”, featuring selections from Latin America and heritage nations including: España, Portugal, and Italy. Each and every one of the vinos have been thoroughly vetted and approved by the Grand Cata. All wine styles are up for consideration and potential inclusion in the wine club so you never know what they’ll pick next: Roses, reds, whites, orange, sparkling wine, dessert wine, fortified wine, and even vermouth could show up. You can sign up for the monthly wine club here.


Tip: While delivery in the District of Columbia is available, opt to pick up your wine club selections in person during one of their in-store gatherings. Those who do will receive a Ñapa (From the Quechua word “Yapa” meaning added value or bonus).


Watch the video to get the 15% discount code to use the next time you visit!


The Grand Cata Latin Wine Shop is located at 1550 7th St. NW, Washington, DC 20001

Hours of Operation are Sunday-Monday: 12-8pm, Tuesday-Saturday: 11am-9pm.

Reach out to them at:


[email protected]